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About the Annual IC3 Conference

2023 Annual IC3 Conference

23 & 24 August 2023 • Venue to be announced soon

The Annual International Career & College Counseling (IC3) Conference brings together higher education representatives for a collaborative dialogue on issues that drive sustainable and inclusive counseling practices focused on student success. Pre- and Post-Conference events for high school delegates and university delegates take place on 22 & 25 August. The IC3 Movement aims to empower high schools with professional development opportunities and ensure that every high school globally will run a robust, well-resourced career and college counseling office.
To learn more about the history and goals of IC3, visit the IC3 Movement website.

5th Annual IC3 Conference Highlights (2021)




High School Delegates


University Delegates


Organization Delegates


Countries Represented


Sessions Over 2 Days

Benefits to High Schools

  • Learn from leaders in the field of college and university admissions from around the world
  • Dwell deeper into the “what and where to study?” question, and participate in a global dialogue on important issues such as access, affordability and community engagement
  • Evaluate the long-term impact of your career and college counseling department including its role in increasing the reputation of your school

Benefits to Universities

  • Focused networking with high school leaders and counselors from across the world
  • Gain comprehensive insights into the various domestic curriculum and assessment frameworks
  • A unique opportunity to learn about the emerging landscape of both national and international schools and their functioning, while building awareness of your institution's reputation

Benefits to Organizations

  • Develop valuable relationships with a significant number of leading regional and global high schools and global higher education institutions
  • Increase the visibility of your organization through participation in this unique high-profile forum
  • Showcase your value-added solutions at a time when increasing numbers of regional high school students are searching for best-fit opportunities to pursue their education and career aspirations

    The 2023 Annual IC3 Conference features exciting keynote addresses, networking opportunities, and sessions for high school leaders, counselors, teachers, university admissions and university leaders.