One of the key goals of the conference is to drive thought leadership in the community. To encourage dialogue and share diverse perspectives, there will be multiple breakout sessions throughout the conference. To stimulate interactive and impactful sessions, the conference will focus on the themes below. Please contact for more information.

Suggested Themes

Need more session ideas? Download our 2018 Annual IC3 Conference Session Topic List.

21st Century Careers and Being Future Ready (Counselor Focus)

Perhaps no transition is more important than high school to higher education. School-based counseling can provide key support to students and their families as they seek to identify skills and competencies for further education, balancing between developing career skills and personal preparation for success in navigating the challenges of a diverse and changing world.

Session Proposal Examples:

  • • Tools and techniques for working with students and their families to identify programs, interpersonal skills and ways of thinking for their chosen range of jobs and fields.
  • • Where to find sources of information on multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary higher education options.
  • • Enhancing soft skills along with self-understanding.
  • • Options for higher education, both domestic and international.
  • • What programs are available, how do they differ and how students can best prepare?

Global Education Opportunities and Successful Matches (Counselor Focus)

As a key pillar for leading high schools throughout the region, school-based career and college counseling is a changing field. These sessions will help with navigating country and institution specific benefits, application processes and best practices.

Session Proposal Examples:

  • • Decoding the holistic college admissions process and how schools can prepare students for it.
  • • Best practices and new frontiers in using technology to facilitate communication and advising with students and families.
  • • Strategies for working effectively with families through the college selection process.
  • • School's approach and facility for helping students in making college/course choices.

Diversity, Equity and Access (Counselor and University Focus)

Higher education remains the best means of closing the skill gap. These sessions encompass the importance of building collaboration between high schools and counselors to ensure that all students have access to opportunity.

Session Proposal Examples:

  • • What are the barriers/rationales for making choices by various groups of students?
  • • Making college visits a collaborative learning experience for university representatives, students, families and schools.
  • • How to work with students and their families to address concerns about cost.
  • • Learn about how to potentially make the college or university of their choice more affordable, including information about community colleges, study abroad programs, scholarships, etc.
  • • Learn about the changing landscape of college choices and its impact.

The Principal’s Perspective (Principal and Counselor Focus)

Strong school leadership is fundamental to the student and family success, during high school and throughout the transition to higher education and beyond. This is a forum for discussion of how to best position and utilise available resources for success, and how effective and timely counseling can build the school’s brand and reputation, investment discussions, payoff in parent satisfaction and alumni giving.

Session Proposal Examples:

  • • How school-based counseling offices are fundamental in supporting the mission of schools.
  • • A counseling office is a high-yield investment: assess cost of setting up a counseling office vs. value of higher success rate for students.
  • • The expectation, deliverables and impact of successful school-based college counseling.

Understanding the Region and Its High Schools (University Focus)

University representatives remain a key resource for understanding, leading and advising high schools and even universities back home. These sessions will drive dialogue for university admissions officers to learn about the issues and trends in the region.

Session Proposal Examples:

  • • How are today’s leading schools demonstrating rigor with the chosen curriculum frameworks?
  • • Learn the details of national curriculum options, assessment patterns and their reporting.
  • • Parent and student perspective and expectation from the university.
  • • Learn to read regional transcripts and understand what’s between the lines.
  • • What are the social, economic and personal factors that impact decisions of families?
  • • How to work effectively with schools' counseling team.

Counseling Offices or Laboratories (Counselor and Principal Focus)

Showcasing a research-based approach to college counseling, collaboration between students and counselors to explore large mines of data on emerging careers and colleges, setting up counseling offices.

Session Proposal Examples:

  • • Innovative ways of mining most relevant information for unique student profiles.
  • • What are the different models and approaches to school-based counselling?
  • • How to develop an effective college-counseling program in school.

Changing Global Landscape and Higher Education Priorities (University Focus)

Discuss strategic priorities for higher education institutions and best practices in international recruitment.

Session Proposal Examples:

  • • Student mobility trends.
  • • Analysis of different recruitment approaches, travel strategies, etc.

Session Formats


A diverse panel of three to four co-presenters will share their perspectives through slides followed by discussion.


Four to six experts on a panel discuss a topic in depth, exchange ideas and focus on coming up with innovative solutions.