IC3 India Awards

About the IC3 India Awards

The IC3 India Awards celebrate and recognize extraordinary contributions of the high school counselors, schools, universities, admission representatives and organizations based in India. The IC3 India Awards will be presented at the 5th Annual IC3 Conference in August 2021, other 2021 IC3 Awards will be announced at the Annual IC3 Festival in December 2021.

The IC3 India Awards are a part of the larger umbrella of “IC3 Awards”. The IC3 Awards are celebratory in nature, and aim to energize and encourage colleagues around in their admirable dedication to students and advocacy in career and college counseling.

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IC3 India Awards

Emerging Counselor of the Year Award

Eligibility: High school counselor, with 3 or fewer years in the field

Counselor of the Year Award

Eligibility: High school counselor, with at least 4 years in the field

School of the Year for Transformative Counseling Award

Eligibility: High school

Outstanding Engagement Award

Eligibility: University representative

Counseling-Based Approach to Student Recruitment/Admissions Award

Eligibility: University representative
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Nominate for 2021 IC3 India Awards

IC3 welcomes nominations for the IC3 India Awards.
Last date to nominate someone for an IC3 Award is 30 July 2021