Annual IC3 Awards

The IC3 Awards are aimed at felicitating schools, counselors and universities that stand out for their contributions to the field of career and college counseling. The awardees will be selected by a jury consisting of IC3 Committee members, and announced annually.

Meet Molly Teacher

Follow IC3 Conference Chair Ganesh Kohli’s journey to reunite with Molly Teacher after 26+ years.

Award Categories

Molly Abraham Lifetime Achievement Award

The Molly Abraham Lifetime Achievement Award is named after Mrs. Molly Abraham, a compassionate teacher and mentor, who impacted thousands of students through her work over 30 years. Molly teacher’s inspiring legacy demonstrates how one teacher, educator, or advisor can change young lives, and open doors for young people that they don’t even know exist.

Emerging Counselor Award

A counselor who has a proven track record in the counseling space for three years or fewer.

Counselor of the Year Award

Someone who has been excellent in terms of counseling, allows for exploration, willing to learn and demonstrated high level of interest.

Counseling-Based Approach to Student Recruitment/Admissions

University admissions officer who has supported a counseling-based approach.

IC3 Award Winners