What if I had already registered for the 2020 Annual IC3 Conference?


If you already registered for the 2020 Annual IC3 Conference, we will be happy to carry over your registration and apply it to the next conference in August 2021. Or if you prefer, we can issue you a complete refund. (To request a refund, please write to us at info@ic3conference.com.)

When is the deadline to register for the Annual IC3 Conference?


There is no deadline to register for the Annual Conference, and onsite registration will be available (though there will be an added fee of $50 to your registration cost). There are many benefits to registering early, including: Early Bird registration pricing Promotion of your institution on our website Mobile app access and profile Receive updates related to the conference Ease ... Read More

Are scholarships or grants available to subsidize the conference registration and travel costs?

IC3 Website

Yes! In line with IC3’s objectives to make the conference accessible for all deserving college and career counselors, the IC3 Scholarship program offers fully- and partially-funded grants for high school delegates, which may include conference registration, travel to the conference city and accommodation provided by the IC3 Host Schools. Counselors are responsible for their meals outside of the conference-provided meals. ... Read More