Can I change my registration from in-person to virtual and vice versa? If yes, when is the deadline for this?

Sandeep Donugari

If for any reason, a registered delegate decides to change the status of their registration from in-person to virtual or vice-versa, they will be able to do so. To upgrade from a virtual attendance to in-person, please write to us at If a change in status is approved, delegates will have to pay the difference in the registration fee. To move from an in-person registration to virtual registration, delegates can write to us at with the request, and their registration will be changed and the difference refunded to them.

Should an in-person participation not be possible due to health and safety reasons, either self-imposed or related to policies imposed by IC3, the conference venue or an external governing body, delegates will be expected to participate in a purely virtual capacity. University delegates will receive a refund for the difference in cost between in-person and virtual registration fees, rather than a full refund.

The deadline to alter the status of registration is 08 August 2022.