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  • Kapil Gaba
    Head of Admissions and Marketing, Shiv Nadar University

    The IC3 Conference is easily the foremost platform which brings together prominent global universities, schools, education counselors, assessment services and other education sector stakeholders as keen participants to alter the higher education scenario in India. Every single panel or discussion is centered around the students and their progression from school to university education. The organization by the IC3 team is of the highest quality. The only problem a participant is likely to face is the problem of plenty, with many parallel sessions and making the choice about which ones to miss.

  • Marisa Modeski
    Assistant Director, Student Recruitment, Ryerson University, Canada

    The IC3 Conference is a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with engaged international colleagues. As a Canadian university, this conference provided a concentrated platform to thoroughly understand student mobility trends and post secondary interests from Indian counsellors. Program sessions were thoughtful, diversified and provided tangible takeaways. Ryerson University looks forward to continuing to work with our Indian counterparts at this invaluable higher education event.

  • Michelle Whittingham
    Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management, University of California, Santa Cruz, U.S.

    Last year, I attended the IC3 Conference and IC3 Presidential Forum. The Forum provided a smaller setting with university and school leaders from many parts of the globe to hear about shared topics of interest. I returned to my campus very energized about the IC3 movement and highly recommended my Chancellor and his Associate Chancellor attend this year.

  • Ed Bustos
    Director of International Admission, Rollins College, U.S

    The sessions were all excellent and informative. I really enjoyed meeting and interacting with counselors and principals from different parts of the regions that usually don't have the opportunity to attend other conferences. If you recruit in India and Southeast Asia, you will not regret attending this conference because you will make some great connections that will compliment your recruitment.

  • Rubina Singh
    College Advisor, Vasant Valley School, New Delhi, India

    This was a brilliant platform to meet and learn from the fabulous minds in the same field and I have returned with a head full of ideas and aspirations. I look forward to being a part of IC3 in New Delhi next year.

  • Andrew G. White IV
    Sr. Associate Director, Graduate Business Recruitment, Hofstra University, U.S.

    The IC3 Conference was an excellent opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded education professionals. The leadership team of the conference is absolutely focused on facilitating productive interaction between college counselors and university representatives that will well-serve future college students. This conference was informative and inspiring and has, indeed, sparked something special!

  • Hobsons
    Education Advances

    Thank you for making [the IC3 Conference] such a worthwhile experience. The workshops were relevant and very helpful. I especially liked your selection of plenary speakers. I have heard nothing but praises from all those who attended the conference.

  • James McLaughlin
    Associate Director, Enrollment Management & Student Success, Drexel University, U.S.

    After attending and presenting at the inaugural IC3 in Mumbai, it quickly became clear to me that the conference was founded upon the mutual passions for empowering youth espoused by both secondary school and higher education professionals. There is nothing quite like it in India. I believe IC3 will play an important role in the future of U.S. India educational relations.

  • Shilpee Ganguly
    Principal, Centre Point School, Nagpur, India

    The event provided a great opportunity for making connections between people linked by their interest in contributing to education. The ambience was warm and relaxed, the discussions constructive; an openness was there to accommodate very divergent viewpoints. The breakaway sessions were designed to provide choices so that each one could attend their “right” fit sessions.

  • Clay Hensley
    Senior Director, International Strategy & Outreach, The College Board

    Conferences such as IC3 bring together a fantastic and diverse set of counselors and other school leaders. The high quality discussions generated by the event are invaluable for those supporting the aspirations of students in India. With the dynamic nature of international university admissions, it’s important for the school communities to share insights, experience and expertise and to learn continually from one another.

  • Christopher Coupland
    Director, International Undergraduate Enrolment, Queen’s University, Canada

    The IC3 Conference is now a must attend event on my calendar. I was very impressed by the quality and diversity of the attendees; from the school principals and counselors who represent the most progressive and internationally focused schools from across India, to the wide range of representatives from high quality colleges and universities. The Indian education sector continues to grow and evolve at a very fast pace and conferences such as IC3 are invaluable.

  • Revathi Srinviasan
    Director – Education & Principal, Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School, Thane, India

    It was a wonderful experience hearing the distinguished speakers and interacting with them after the event. The sessions were truly enriching. Thank you once again for giving us this opportunity.

  • John Wilkerson
    Director, International Admissions, Indiana University Bloomington, U.S.

    School counselors understand the abilities, needs, and goals of students, on multiple planes. A counselor’s input – as liaison, and sometimes advocate – cannot be overstated. Indiana University looks forward to seeing many of Asia’s leading schools at the IC3 Conference.