Manual for Students

Logging in

You will receive an email from
Click on the link received in the email
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Platform Features

Once you login to the platform, you will be able to access the following features through the navigation tab on the top left:

  • My Account
  • University Details
  • Virtual Lobby

Use the Activities > Date tab to ensure you are on the correct event date.

My Account

Through this tab, you can edit your details and upload a profile picture.

University Details

You can find details about the participating universities here
Search by university, program, or country
Click on "Details" to get more information about the University.
You be able to access website link, virtual tour links, highlights, programs offered, brochures, business cards, etc.

Use the questions tab to post any questions prior to the event

Virtual Lobby

Virtual Rooms
Use the search bar to find your preferred university and click on the university virtual room to enter.
Inside the virtual room you can use the following features

Through this function, you will be able to send messages to the university representatives


Through this feature, you can ask questions to the university representatives


Through this function, you can take part in polls conducted by the university


Download brochures & business cards from here

Raise Your Hand

Through this function, you can raise their digital hand to indicate that you need something

Video interaction with the representative
      • You can ask the University Representative to invite you for a video chat.
      • You will receive a video chat request, click on "Accept"
      • A popup window will appear, select you microphone & camera settings and you are good to go.

Browser Settings

  • We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser for the best user experience
  • Please enable the platform access to your camera and microphone by checking your browser settings, if it is not auto-enabled (detailed instructions on how to allow access shared below)
a. Go to Google Chrome Settings > Privacy & Security > Site Settings
b. Go to Permissions > Camera Settings
c. You can adjust your settings to allow necessary access here Ensure that the blue switch is activated and the website address is visible in Allowed Devices

Google Chrome Settings for Mac OS and Windows

Google Chrome Settings for Mac OS

a. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy
b. Select the Privacy tab
c. Select the following settings
  • Select Camera > Google Chrome by checking the box
  • Select Microphone > Google Chrome by checking the box
  • Select Screen Recording > Google Chrome by checking the box
  • Refresh or restart the browser for the settings to be applied

Google Chrome settings for Windows

Other Details

Using A VPN

Using a VPN might cause issues in connection. We recommend turning off your VPN and using another network.