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Thank you for registering for the Annual IC3 Conference, 24 & 25 August 2022!
This manual will help you understand how to use the virtual platform to participate in this hybrid conference online.

Set up your account on the virtual platform

  • Separate from your conference registration, this creates your account on the virtual platform
  • Register on the platform using this link:
  • Use the same email address used in your conference registration form to register on the platform
  • Create your profile and keep a record of your login details
  • Access to the platform will be given post verification of your conference registration

Logging in

  • Once your access is verified, you can use this link to access the platform at any time. You will have access to the platform until 27 August 2022
  • Use Google Chrome as your browser
  • Clear all cache and cookies from your browser and restart the browser before logging in
  • Close all the other applications on your computer to free up your system. Only keep the browser window and any other applications that you need for the event open
  • Enter the username and password created by you at the time of registering on the platform
  • If you face any technical issues, try logging in again and/or refresh your browser
  • Login at least 10 minutes prior to the events on all days


Click here to view the full schedule

Platform features

Once you login to the platform, you will be able to access the following features through the navigation tab on the top left:

  • My Account
  • My Agenda
  • Virtual Lobby

Use the Activities > Date tab to ensure you are on the correct event date.

My Account

Through this tab, delegates can edit their details and upload a profile picture.

My Account Page - Screenshot

My Agenda

Delegates can view all conference events and relevant event details under this tab.

My Agenda Page


Click the “Details” button on any room to view further information about the room’s events/activities/speakers, and more:

Virtual Lobby

  • Similar to a physical lobby at an event, this is where attendees will be able to see the various activity rooms
  • Click on any live room to enter
  • Use this virtual lobby to navigate between rooms
In-room features (for all conference attendees)

Click on icons on the panel to the right of the Virtual Room and you will be able to:

      • Chat: Through this function, you will be able to send and receive text messages from the room presenters and other attendees
      • Questions: Through this function, you can pose questions to the room presenters
      • Polls: Through this function, you can answer quick polls being conducted by the room presenters
      • People: Through this function, you will be able to see the other attendees in your room
Attending sessions
      1. Click on the session room you want to attend
      2. A new window will open
      3. Click on "Launch Meeting"


There are two ways to network with fellow attendees from the Virtual Lobby of the platform:

Text chat

      1. Click on Inbox on the top right of your screen
      2. Use the search bar to search people by name
      3. Click on the name to begin a text conversation
      4. Click on Back to inbox to go back to your ongoing conversations
Video chat

All active attendees present on the platform will be listed on the right of the Virtual Lobby:

      1. To find a specific person, search for the person by name through the search function at the top of the page
      2. You can also filter your search using tags
      3. When you have found the person you wish to connect with, click on their name
      4. A pop-up will display their details, and allow you to connect with them through a message or invite them for a video call
      5. If you choose to invite the person for a video call by clicking the green camera icon, you will be asked to choose the privacy level of your conversation (Public or Private). Public meetings will create an open group room that others can see and join, a private meeting creates a room other attendees cannot see or join
      6. All public group rooms that have been created will be visible under “Group rooms” in the group rooms section. An open padlock icon on the room means it is a public room and anyone can enter
    Creating group rooms
        1. Anyone can create a public group room!
        2. Simply click (+) icon in the group room section
        3. Give your group a name, and uncheck the private settings
        4. Attendees can now join your group room

        In-room features (for IC3 Expo exhibitors)

        Upon entering your organization’s room, you will see the following prompt. Please click on “Join now” to enter

        If this is your first login, the browser will ask you to allow access to the camera and microphone. Please allow access. (Enable browser settings if needed, detailed instructions are shared in the “Browser settings” section below.)

        The attendees entering your room can interact with you through the text chat and video features.

            • Anyone entering your room can send text messages in your chat box. The messages exchanged in the chat box are public and room participants can read all previously exchanged messages
            • You can invite any attendee to turn on their camera for a video chat. Everything that happens in the room is public to any other attendees also present in the room

        Remember: Do not leave your room unattended during IC3 Expo hours!

        You will have access to the following features in your organization’s room:

        Through this function, you will be able to send and receive text messages from attendees. The chat transcripts will be provided to organizations on request after the event.


        Through this feature, you can view and reply to questions posed by attendees.


        Through this function, you can conduct quick polls with the attendees.


        Through this function, you will be able to see the current number and names of attendees in your room.
        You will be able to give attendees audio and video access for a direct chat by clicking on the icon next to their name.
        We recommend that you invite only one attendee for a video/audio discussion at any given time. Remember, all interactions on chat or video in your room are public to any other attendees present!


        Through this function, attendees in your room will be able to access and download any brochures/documents about your organization. You can upload materials to your room by clicking the UPLOAD button at the bottom of the “Files” tab, selecting the file you wish to upload, then clicking the white paper airplane button. You can refresh your tab if you don’t see the upload immediately.

        Screen share (toggle screen)

        Through this function, you can share your screen to present a PowerPoint or play a video, screen share a page on your website, etc. If you do wish to share a presentation, we recommend that you use Google Slides for the best user experience.

        Raise your hand

        Through this function, the attendees can raise their digital hand to indicate that they need something.

        Browser settings

        • We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser for the best user experience
        • Please enable the platform access to your camera and microphone by checking your browser settings, if it is not auto-enabled (detailed instructions on how to allow access shared below)
        a. Go to Google Chrome Settings > Privacy & Security > Site Settings
        b. Go to Permissions > Camera Settings
        c. You can adjust your settings to allow necessary access here Ensure that the blue switch is activated and the website address is visible in Allowed Devices

        Google Chrome settings for Mac OS and Windows

        Google Chrome settings for Mac OS

        a. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy
        b. Select the Privacy tab
        c. Select the following settings
        • Select Camera > Google Chrome by checking the box
        • Select Microphone > Google Chrome by checking the box
        • Select Screen Recording > Google Chrome by checking the box
        • Refresh or restart the browser for the settings to be applied

        Google Chrome settings for Windows

        Other details

        Using a VPN

        Using a VPN might cause issues in connection. We recommend turning off your VPN and using another network.

        Using a work computer

        If your organization blocks access to some websites, you will still be able to attend the event as a viewer but you may not be able to turn on your camera and microphone.

        Follow these steps to change the settings.
        Allowing camera and microphone access:

        • Click the 3 dots in the right upper corner of your Google Chrome window and choose Settings
        • Click on Privacy & Security > Site Settings > Camera > ensure that the site is not in the list of “Blocked” websites. If it is, remove it from the “Blocked” list
        • Repeat the same process for microphone settings

        If you are still unable to use your camera and microphone:

        • Click on the lock icon in the address bar of the Virtual Lobby page
        • Go to Site Settings
        • Under Permissions, check Camera and Microphone settings
        • If the camera and microphone are blocked with the sections greyed out, and you cannot set them to "Allow", your organization may be blocking permissions for the site. Contact your organization’s IT support team for required browser permissions
        • If that is not possible, please use another system to log in


        If you face any challenges on the day of the event, you can:

        • Write to or send a WhatsApp message to the following numbers for
          • +91 86579 68245
          • +91 88288 27769
        • Visit the IC3 Help Desk room in the Virtual Lobby for assistance by an IC3 team member