About IC3 Regional Forums

The IC3 Regional Forums are a series of one-day events in high schools across India, South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, organized by the IC3 Conference Committees. 30 IC3 Regional Forums are being planned for 2019. Dates and locations will be announced shortly.

Leading high schools are placing an increasing emphasis on systems to best support students and families understand their multiple options at colleges and universities at home and around the globe, with the goal of finding the one which best suits their own aspirations and interests. The IC3 Regional Forums are aligned with IC3’s mission to empower schools to build and maintain robust, well-resourced and research-oriented career and college counseling offices. The Regional Forums enable access for hundreds of schools that have limited resources for travel and training of their principals, teachers and counselors. Other key objectives of the Regional Forums are bringing inclusiveness, diversity and quality.

Hosted at local high schools, the Regional Forums provide an opportunity for learning and new knowledge creation along with networking. Counselors, teachers and principals from the local area interact with universities from across the globe.

The Regional Forums are also an opportunity for university delegates to learn more about the local area, students, education systems and schools. All participants will have an opportunity to share new knowledge through breakout sessions, which will be selected by conference committee members from among the session proposals received through the conference website.